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Things you’ll need at a festival

Festivals are events you attend to have fun, unwind, sight- see and even network.
You may choose to attend alone, with a partner, friend, loved one or even with your clique,” I mean the more the merrier yeah”?!!
Where my gurls at?, I know y’all may want to be all peng and on point, God forbids we are caught unfresh yunno.
 However , festivals, inasmuch as there are always tons of people and you want to look your best while networking and meeting new people, It’s great to keep in mind that simple is classy and chic at this point. Here’s why; Festivals are mostly done in open air spaces with little or no shades, there are usually tons of people in attendance, large area of space to cover with your legs as there are so many interesting things you’ll want to see.
Do’s and Don’ts of Festival:
·         Do not wear heavy make-up.  Sun, heat and makeup don’t mix
·         Do not bring along things you won’t need or use. You want to pack as light as possible
·         Do not wear uncomfortable shoes and clothing
·         Do not put important items like cards, IDs, car keys in your pockets, be mindful of pick pockets
·         Bring along to the festivals your tickets and means of identification
·         Come along to the venue with Money and ATM cards to make transactions
·         Dress simple and casual
·         Use a sunscreen and wear hats to prevent getting sunburns
·         Wear comfortable shoes
·         Bring along with you a Power bank in case you have to charge your phone
·         A fanny pack is more advisable over handbags and purses
The lists goes on guys, but just have it in mind that you are there to have fun and maximize every moment of the festival. Keep it simple and classy always.
In my next blog, I’ll be talking about outfits you can wear to a festival. Stay tuned!!!
Now that you have some bit of knowledge about things you’ll need at a festival, register to attend the FoodDrinkDance Festival coming up in April 2020

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