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Making the Best from your Leisure Time

Leisure means different things to different people. It may mean hobbies to some people or time spent away from work, school, obligations to others.

Leisure can be something you do with others or something you do on your own. Basically, leisure means something you do to satisfy boredom.

Some use their spare time for something serious like reading a book, taking online courses while others do things that makes them feel relaxed like seeing a movie, listening to music and so on. But you should understand that what is leisure to me might not be the same for you. For example, I read during my leisure but my friend prefers to see a movie and he sees reading as an obligation.

Here is a list of what you can do with your leisure:

  • Learn new things: to inspire a love of learning in yourself, learn something new. You need to be curious and be hungry for knowledge to become successful. The internet is a good resource for learning something new. You can learn a new language, learn photography, coding, take a free online tutorial and, learn how to prepare new dishes and many more.
  • Read a book: reading should be an everyday habit because it expands your knowledge and it keeps you up to date on development around the world. Reading helps you understand the world better and also improve your vocabulary and communication skills. Reading makes you more confident.
  • Volunteer:  Volunteer for a Non-Governmental Organization, share your time, knowledge, skills with those who need it. You can check your community, schools for organization you can contribute through
  • Spend time with family and friends: Bonding with families and friends keep you sane all the time because you’ll be able to pour out your mind to those who you are most comfortable with. Working shouldn’t be the only thing in your life, you need to devote some time to other people in your life.
  • Exercise: Exercising is important to keep your physical and mental health in tip top condition. Exercise helps reduce stress and it also helps you look better. It is not necessary you go to the gym all the time, you can just take a walk or jog for half an hour daily, or 5 to 10 minutes’ push-ups daily.
  • Travel: you can explore new cities or visit families and friends during your time away from work. You can also visit famous tourists’ attractions in your city to learn more about your city and appreciate your city more.
  • Cook: I see cooking as a way to release stress. Though I’m not a real cook but I just love to experiment new food and trust me it is an exciting experience.


No matter what you do for leisure, ensure it is something productive for you. Do something that takes you to another level and not things that makes you stagnant. Not necessarily something that brings you money, but things that makes you happy, things that are helpful and fun. And understand that no matter how much you make money, spending some happy times with families and friends is surely worth more than a million bucks!

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