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[us_person image=”3194″ name=”Basorge Tariah Jnr.” role=”Director, African Dance Academy”]Basorge Tariah Jnr. has a BA in Choreography from the University of Port-Harcourt, and was a dance champion in 1983 after winning the National Dancing Competition.

He is an actor and director, known for Run (2017), The Meeting (2012) and Domitilla (1996)[/us_person]

[us_person image=”3200″ image_hover=”3201″ name=”Debie Mangut” role=”Director, Marketing & Sponsorship “]Project Lead, ProjectACT Nollywood
Company NameWorld Bank[/us_person]
[us_person image=”3108″ image_hover=”3109″ name=” Chukwuemeka Ejiofor” role=”Co-Founder, ADAA Project”]Ejiofor Chukwuemeka is Co-Founder, ADAA Project. He is a professional with multi-disciplinary capabilities, he holds a Higher National Diploma in Mass Communication (Broadcast Option) from Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State. An extremely determined individual who gives 100% to every task that he has at hand and always aims to successfully finish everything he starts, he strives as hard as humanly possible to make a positive impact on others. He is the CEO of Paradigm Entertainment Ltd, an entertainment company, saddled with the responsibility of promoting quality entertainment in Nigeria.
[us_person image=”3105″ image_hover=”3106″ name=”Jci OKOH” role=”Founding Executive Director, ADAA Project”]Jci OKOH is Founding Executive Director, Scepters Corporate Ltd. He possesses an extensive knowledge of innovation, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship development, social media, and marketing. He is Africa’s number one brand evangelist as attested by Facebook in 2011. The term evangelist comes from a Greek word that means “bringing the good news.”

That’s what he does–whether it was the good news of or currently the good news of Scepters Corporate, an online marketing platform. He aligns with companies and causes that empowers people, democratizes technology, and makes the world more of a meritocracy.

In addition to his work at Scepters, he is a writer (five books), speaker, startup advisor, trustee of the Scepters Foundation, brand ambassador for 7 organizations, and founding executive director at Scepters Group.

Specialties: innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing, and social media.
As a brand evangelist his is a true fan of brands, someone who wants to talk about and share your message and he is ready to get involved in any way they can. His specialty as brand evangelist is to engage an online community and encourage more followers to get active and involved in a social media campaign & marketing
Jci OKOH offers marketing strategies in which companies grow customers who believe so strongly in a particular brand and freely try to convince others to buy and use it. The customers become voluntary advocates, actively spreading the word on behalf of the company.

[us_person image=”3239″ image_hover=”3240″ name=”(KING) HENRY CHUKWUWEIKE DANIELS.” role=”EXECUTIVE HEAD, INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS, DEVELOPMENT AND AMBASSADOR”]He is a philosophical and motivational writer, seasoned business developer and new market creator for new brands. He is vast in Facilitating/Brokering for commodities such as Oil &Gas, Agro products, Gold, Diamonds and vessels/yachts.
working on various projects ..

one of the projects at hand is the project of an App undergoing development for business minded people and corporations.

Moto… Every human is a unique potential with a purpose

A visioneer ( known for “I have a vision”)~ A global vision for enhancing, harnessing potentials or talents and empowering mankind irrespective of race or creed of this Generation and Generations to come.

[us_person image=”3244″ image_hover=”3246″ name=”KOLADE EBENEZER OLANIYI” role=”Director, Head of Business Development”]KOLADE EBENEZER OLANIYI
Holds a MBA (Marketing) from LASU and a B.A in Philosophy from the University of
Ibadan as 1 st degree.
With a total of 15 years (2003 – 2018) work experience in ICT, FMCG & Hospitality
management of which 10years is dedicated to hospitality (Hotel operations in particular)
He’s a business development front-end strategist, a corporate sales specialist who is
able to build efficient relationships with top-level executives, political thought leaders
and high-profile personalities.
He has offered proven ability to close sales deals in a highly challenging terrain. He
posses the skill for bringing business strategies to life through development and
leadership of high-ROI marketing execution plans that consistently achieve revenue,
awareness, lead generation and market share goals.
Resourceful, creative and intelligent with outstanding capacity to maintain productivity
despite rigorous, frequent engaging schedules.
He has a track record of delivering consistent revenue streams and outperforming sales
He is a happily married man of 9 years with 2 lovely boys.[/us_person]

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