LAND MARK VILLAGE Plot 3 & 4 water corporation, Victoria Island Annex Lagos, Nigeria

Exhaust Your Drinks Options @ The FOODDRINKDANCEFESTIVAL.

Explore Your Taste Bud

Ever wondered what a taste of good wine is and you don’t mind having a taste! Do you want to enjoy the best spirit and vodka? Have you had the world’s best mixologist mix a fantastic drink for your perfect taste bud?
What are you waiting for?
The FoodDrinkDanceFestival in partnership with Lagos state is bringing to you the best of these opportunities coupled with sure fun. Come and explore your best drinks and your most anticipated drink with the amazing touch of an A-class mixologist. Join me as I take you through the FoodDrinkDanceFestival, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 16-18, at the landmark centre to explore your taste buds.

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