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The 2017 class programme will be announced in soon – be the first to book onto your favorite class by registering for the ADAA FIT newsletter here.

ADAA FIT offers a complete mix of fitness-class genres to whet every appetite, from exclusive HIIT-based classes, and high energy group participation class to relaxing yoga retreat classes, and from weight bearing exercise classes to dance fitness classes.  We also have a series of fitness education-based lectures from industry experts.

Whether you’re a beginner to exercise or a seasoned athlete, ADAA FIT has something for you! Stay tuned for our full 2017 line up announced soon.

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Our next fitness class begins in:

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 45mins (ages 14 and above for most of the content).


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 F = FUN – These sessions will be High Energy, Interactive and suitable for all levels of fitness!
I = INTENSE – For those who love to push their limits and get a sweat on. Don’t be put off by the word Intense, work at your own pace!
T = TECHNICAL – If you love challenging choreography then technical classes are for you. These classes are best suited to experienced dancers or people who exercise frequently.


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 Fitness enthusiasts
Sports coaches and fitness teachers
Health and nutrition professionals
Fitness and lifestyle bloggers.


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 The Main stage will host international fitness brands Zumba, LES MILLS, BEACHBODY, Clubbercise, Bokwa, Jungle Body, Fight Klub, ((BOUNCE)), HFE and more.
The ADAA FIT insta-stage is home to many health and fitness celebrities including Healthy Chef Steph, Clean Eating Alice, Tally Rye, Lindsay Jay, Sam Eastwood and Rhiannon Lambert.


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 Visitors have access to all the latest trends in fitness wear, fitness equipment, food and nutritional advice and samples, class providers, fitness training and qualifications and absolutely everything you could possibly need to compliment your healthy lifestyle. ADAA FIT 2017 will proudly sponsored by fitness brands. An array of fitness brands will be showcasing at the show including Hello Fresh, FirmFit, Elemis, Gibson Girl, Yoga Leggs to name a few.


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 Over the three days, visitors to our unique show will try out over 100 exciting classes and workshops ranging from high energy HIIT to weight based exercise to holistic laughter yoga! The stunning ADAA FIT 2017 programme will be delivered by industry-leading fitness presenters and influential teachers from around Africa and other parts of the world.


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ADAA’s freshest fitness event ADAA FIT is a celebration of fitness and all the things you need to complement your active and healthy lifestyle.
Three days, three stages, 100+ workout classes, social media celebrities, international fitness presenters… JOIN THE ADAA FIT MOVEMENT
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